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Export QML and Storyboard

Hello everyone!

Finally I had time to write a plug-in, which should simplify the migration to the new application design. This plugin has been written on the basis of another plugin, which can be found here. You can learn more from this article. So that all rights to the original plug-in are those of the author.


What I’ve changed?

I just added the ability to export to iOS storyboard. Now you can choose where to save your design (QML or Storyboard). In the first case you will get fit QML file that can be used in a Qt application. In the second case you will receive a storyboard with one controller, which will contain the new design.


What supports plug-in?

Currently plug allows you to export images, buttons and text. But I recommend the text exported as image, as iOS devices do not contain the desired font to avoid this then check the “Rasterize Text”. This will save the text as an image.


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