About Me

My full name is Andrew Shapovalov , I was born in Kharkov, Ukraine in 1986. In 2001 I’ve entered to the Kharkov Patent and computer college, which I graduated in 2004 and received specialty of junior developer by “Programing PC and AU”. In 2004 , the year immediately entered the Kharkov Polytechnic Institute on a specialty ” Information Technology Design” , finished in February 2011 and received Diploma of specialist. Started programming with college and doing it now. Now I’m Senior iOS Developer, however, in my free time I’m trying to support programming skills in C / C++ using Qt.

Main occupation: Mobile Development.


  • C/C++ Development (8 years);
  • С++/Qt Development (5 years);
  • Objective-C/C++ Development (7 years);
  • PHP, JavaScript, HTML (a year);
  • C# (3 month).
  • 3D Max / Maya / Poser (as hobby).

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