Qt Forum Reader 1.1.0 was released

Changelog 1.1.0 Added logic to save favourite topics (with auto refresh). Added logic to save blogs (with auto refresh). Local Notification for Blogs and favourite topic. Implement system tray icon with quick menu. Added share topic and reply content with link. Added registration form. Added spam/tags/edit/rate features for topic. GUI fixes. Save favorite threads and …

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QtAppMacDeploy was released!

Today I’ve released the application to create a package of you Qt app to send it to Apple App Store. This application work only on the Mac OS X. For more information read this.

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Qt Forum Plugin was released

Today we released the QtQuick plugin which give to you work with a few functions of Qt Forum. A few days we plan to release a demo application for Mac OS. The application was submited to Apple and now we are waiting the approve our application.

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Conclusion of structure components and drawing trees

Views tree

Good time of day! Here today decided to share a few useful things I’ve worked on recently. This is mainly done to test the application, but later it was decided to issue it as a separate component. To start I will say that I used all the available information from the Internet and finalized only …

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